Upholstered Wood Crate Storage Seat

Turn a simple wooden crate into a cool padded seat.

wooden crate craft idea

Today’s project is presented by Arrow Fastener. I’ll show you how to make a padded lid to fit into a pre-made wooden crate so that it becomes a comfortable seat for storage. I love these little seats. It’s easy for my kids to move to any room they like and they love being able to store books, toys or blankets inside.

wooden crate storage seat tutorial

Necessary material

You can find pre-made wooden crates at almost any craft store. It would be easy enough to make one from scratch, but I bought mine on sale for under $ 8, so it looks like it’s worth buying one.

painted wooden crate

Depending on the condition of the case, rough spots may need to be sanded. Once the wood is smooth, you can paint or stain your crate as you like. I used a few different colors of chalk paint to coordinate with the fabric I chose for the upholstered top.

DIY wooden crate lid

The next step is to cut a piece of plywood to use as a base for the lid. Measure around the top of the crate and cut the wood so that it fits flush with the crate. I’ve nailed a few optional 1 Ă— 1 pieces of wood to the bottom of the lid to keep it from sliding off the top when the little ones sit on it. This step is really optional if it looks complicated.

how to make a lid for a wooden crate

For the next step, you will need a glue gun. I am using my trusty Arrow GT12M glue gun. It’s the best glue gun I’ve ever owned. It doesn’t drip glue anywhere, can be used with or without the holder, and doubles as a cordless glue gun for up to five minutes at a time before needing to be reattached to the holder. Seriously, get this glue gun. It is a turning point!

best glue gun ever

Use hot glue to attach a piece of upholstery foam to the plywood seat.

arrow staple gun

The next tool we will use is a staple gun. You can use the classic Arrow T-50 staple gun. and it would work fine for this project. However, I switched to an Arrow T50ACD electric stapler and never looked back. Makes stapling much faster and easier. It is a simple tool to use. Just open the bottom chamber, load it with staples and snap it back into place.

To cover the seat, spread a piece of fabric on the counter with the right side down, then cover it with a piece of cotton wool. Place the foam side of the seat on top of it.

Use the stapler to secure the fabric around the underside of the lid. Make sure you pull the fabric tight and smooth it as you go. Don’t worry – if you’re wrong, you can always take out the staples and try again.

padded case lid

Once all the edges have been stapled, it’s time to tackle the corners. Smooth one side of the fabric down, fold it around the edge, then fold the other side of the fabric to get a smooth crease right at the corner.

easy padded seat

The last step is to cut off all the excess fabric. Place your newly upholstered seat on your wooden crate and that’s it!

DIY wooden crate with upholstered seat

Padded seat in wooden crate VIDEO TUTORIAL

This post was sponsored by Arrow Fastener. All opinions are mine.