Potty Training In A Day- It’s A BIG FAT LIE!

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Potty training. The two words that strike fear into the hearts of mothers around the world. Potty training my two older children was arguably the worst job I’ve had as a parent (so far). It’s been over five years since I last potty trained, so the memories are vague … poop on the stairs, plastic bags full of dirty underwear, lots of tears (all from me, not the kids) and a lot of frustration.

You can imagine that with those memories floating in my brain, I was afraid that the potty would train my third child. For a while I thought, “I wonder if I could wait until she’s five and then tell her she can’t go to school unless she’s wearing underwear.”

With my first one, I read a book on how to potty train a child in one day.


You can’t potty train in one day! It’s just a crazy old talk and anyone who believes it obviously hasn’t watched in horror as their two-year-old peed in their fur shoes in the middle of the hall at Michael’s. I’m just saying.

So let me get to the happy ending of all this rambling. This time I have completely changed my approach to potty training and it is much nicer for me, for my baby and for the whole family!

What’s the secret to learning how to potty without hating life? Here’s what I’m doing right the third time:

1. We potty train when it’s convenient.Nothing stresses me more than a potty training disaster in public. My daughter wears big girl underwear at home and Pull-Ups® when we are away from home. Unbridled shopping? Pull Up. Road trip? Pull up. Church? Pull Up! I can’t tell you how much this has eased the burden of potty training. keeps me sane And calm and both of these traits are necessary to face a child every day.

To help my daughter learn, I use Pull Ups instead of tucking her back into a diaper. As soon as he’s in a diaper, he knows he can just get into the diaper. Pull ups are new and different and help mentally remind her that she should go to the potty.

I like the Pull-Ups Learning Designs brand because they are stretchy enough to put on and take off easily. They also have a cool humidity indicator. My daughter loves the Doc McStuffins characters on her Pull Ups, but they also have Lightning McQueen designs for boys. I’ve always bought nappies, wipes and pull ups from WalMart because they have the best prices.

2. We’re making it fun.I created a sticker chart for my daughter. Whenever he goes to the top spot on the potty, he can add a sticker. If he goes # 2 on the potty, he gets a sticker and an M&M or jelly. When he reaches the colored square at the end of a row on the sticker chart, he gets a surprise. Here are some ideas for rewards:

– swing on the swings with mum
– a cupcake, cookie or other sweet
– a new book or a small toy
– visit the park, the zoo, McDonald’s Play Place
– new play dough
– build a fort and read books together
– visit neighbors to feed the animals

Anything your child would be excited about is a good reward. I really appreciated the opportunity to spend quality time with my child, to have this extra chance to praise her, pay attention to her and encourage her as she learns a new skill.

If you’re potty training, you’ve got enough on your plate. Would you like an adhesive chart to be printed in the blink of an eye to hang on the bathroom wall? BAM:

Download it HERE. Please.

3. I don’t get angry. The most important thing I’ve done to help me with the potty is that I’ve just changed my attitude. I took it as a personal insult …

“How dare she poop and make me clean!”
“Don’t you know we have to leave in five minutes?”
“Really? I just got into a puddle of pee !!!”
“I’m so tired … Still poop?”

Honestly, that’s how I felt with the first two children. Really mature, huh? This time I realized how foolish and selfish that kind of thinking was. My little girl is learning a skill that is brand new to her and goes against everything she has ever done before.

That’s why expecting potty training to happen in one day is a lie.

It will take time, just like learning any other skill. I don’t cry to my baby every time he says “pasketti” instead of “spaghetti”. I don’t get ballistic when he puts the shoes on the wrong feet. And I’m learning not to get mad when she makes a mistake in potty training. Staying calm helped the whole experience to be positive, which in turn helped my daughter be more successful. I call it win-win!

If you’ve ever potty trained a child, what worked for you? What’s your best advice?

The great people at Pull Ups have created a fun little site that ranks your child’s personality and gives you specific advice for your child. I love a good quiz, right? Find out what kind of potty character your child is HERE. My girlfriend is definitely a “turtle” personality. What about your baby?

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