How To Simpify Packing School Lunches

The sun peeps over the horizon. With bleary eyes, I stumble out of bed and am immediately thrown into a whirlwind of activity. “Mom! Where’s my library book ?!” “I need you to sign this documentright now. “” I can’t find my other shoe! “” Look at my hair! “” Don’t forget I have football today. “” Here comes the bus !!! “

If you have school-age children, I know you can relate. School mornings are hectic, especially now that I have two kids boarding the bus at 7:20 am. I am not a morning person. The fight is real, my friends.

I still don’t understand everything, but I have a pretty good system that has helped me simplify the preparation of meals for my children.

After going shopping, I prepare the non-perishable lunch items in advance and put them all in the “lunch basket”.

Every morning I make sandwiches or some other main dish and take fruit and vegetables from the fridge. Then the kids grab a snack or two from the lunch box and we’re done with lunches!

I can’t tell you how much this has helped our mornings run smoother. Plus my kids like being able to choose what to put in their lunch baskets and it keeps things exciting.

I’ve also found that we use the lunch box a lot for after school snacks on busy days. Double victory!

So what snacks go in the lunch box? Crackers, raisins, nuts, cookies, chips, granola bars, etc. Jif bars are among our favorites. My kids are crazy about peanut butter, so I knew they were going to be a hit. Jif Bars are creamy, fresh toasted peanut butter Jif layered with chewy, crunchy granola. It’s a match made in heaven if you ask me. My kids think they are delicious, but they have 7-8 grams of protein in each bar. Point! They come in three flavors: creamy, crunchy and chocolate, and we love them all.

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