How To Make A Beer Cake

I have a brother-in-law who loves his beer, a little too much in my opinion, but who am I to say? Well, his birthday was approaching and I wanted to get him something beer-oriented for a birthday present, so I went looking on YouTube for something fun and brewing, lol. I found this great Light N Us beer pie video tutorial, on YouTube, and I really wanted to do it for him.

Materials for the beer cake:

  • 3 pieces of cardboard cut into circles (decreasing the size)
  • An 18 to 24 pack of canned beer
  • A 6 pack of bottled beer
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some curly ribbons


In this awesome beer pie video tutorial from Light N Us, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this awesome beer pie in just a few simple steps. You’ll start by stacking all your beer on the cut out cardboard circles.

Image by: Light N Us via YouTube

Then you will continue to stack, then decorate the beer cake with your curly ribbons.

Image by: Light N Us via YouTube