From Farmhouse to Modern Glam: My Living Room Makeover with Article Sofa

I transformed my neutral farmhouse living room into a colorful, modern and sophisticated space with the help of my beautiful new navy blue velvet sofas from the item.

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you know that this restyling has been in the works for several months.

Thanks to the article for collaborating with me in this post.

Some time ago I realized that my stay did not reflect my personality very much. I LOVE color. I LOVE color. You can tell from my site, my wardrobe and craft projects that I realize that I love color! Yet my living room was all neutral. Have you ever had such an experience?

So I started looking for inspiration and that’s when I fell in love with the Sven sofa from the article. Elegant lines, luxurious velvet all in a rich navy blue color. Much more “me” than shades of khaki and gray!

The sofas were the starting point and then everything went well. Want to see my new modern glam living room?

Tic knock. This is my heart beating to the rhythm of true love for this new colorful, fun and more modern space.

Let me walk you through some details of the room.

First, the sofa. Oh my God. Not only is it stylish, but it is so comfortable! I was a little worried about this as I bought them online and couldn’t take them for a test drive. But my worries were useless. We used to go downstairs to watch TV, but ever since we have these sofas, hubs and I have been staying upstairs and watching Netflix on our laptop … that’s how much we love to pamper ourselves! They are deep and the back cushion is so soft and the velvet is so cozy. They were made for comfort!

About three days after the delivery of my new sofas, my kindergarten child received the nail polish on the arm of one of the sofas. I. OVERTURNED. OUT. But guess what? A little bit of acetone and it cleaned perfectly. I’ve already had to clean up some food stains (when will those rascals learn to stay in the kitchen to eat ?!) and they all came off easily with no permanent stains. Hurray! I will say that the downside of such a dark fabric is that you can see crumbs and fluff. I brush them off or vacuum them if I notice anything, so it wasn’t a big deal.

The carpet was my inspiration for the color palette. It’s a vintage-style rug with shades of navy, aqua, hot pink, mustard, white, and gray, so I’ve been trying to bring out those colors in the accessories. Pillow covers were a super easy and inexpensive way to do this. I just tried mixing and matching color, texture and scale.

Another thing I wanted to mention was that the guys who delivered the sofas went above and beyond. They brought them into the house, fixed them and even took the time to put felt pads on the bottom of my legs to protect my hardwood floors. It sure feels good to receive quality service!

I struggled with art to go behind the sofa. Who knew I was so picky about art ?! I looked at hundreds of options online and it all looked … mah.Or was it a million dollars. Then one day I was perusing my local Target and instantly fell in love with this floral print. It had all the right colors for my room as it was meant to be. The only problem was that it wasn’t big enough to fill the entire wall behind my sofa. So I decided to hang the appliques on both sides. After a lot of drama I recorded for you on Instagram Stories, I finally decided to mount them on wooden plaques and use cord covers and I’m happy to say I love the final look. I’m still thinking about how I can get rid of the cables altogether (perhaps battery operated lights?) But for now, this works for me.

Wall lights visually fill the space and the added light is a huge plus in this room because there is no light from above. (Why did they think it was a good idea in the 1980s?) And the painting plus the lights don’t compete with the botanical gallery wall that is next door. After all this back and forth, I’m happy to say I like how it turned out.

Can we stop for a minute to admire those elegant and sexy legs? Mmm, boy. So good.

If you are ready to move away from the rustic style, I wholeheartedly recommend the Sven sofas from the article. Sometimes I come into the living room just to caress the soft velvet. They are available in many other colors and also in a leather version.

I put together this fun video of the makeover. Check it out!

The article calls for a fantastic Black Friday sale with some items discounted up to 60%, so be sure to check out if there’s anything perfect for your home on sale!

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