Easy DIY Chair Back Covers

Learn how to make simple kitchen chair covers to change the look of your dining set or to decorate for the holidays.

DIY Dining Chair Seat Covers

I have a simple Christmas sewing project to share with you today. I’ll show you how to make cute chair seat covers to liven up your dining room for the holidays. They are super simple to make and I love how they look in my dining room. They add such a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. The red and white striped fabric is classic Christmas without being pushy and I’m really just tickled by how this project turned out.

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To make your chair covers, you will need:

Supply list

waverly ticking red stripe fabric

I chose red and white striped fabric, but there were other great options that would have been so cute for the holidays. You can see everything available on Walmart.com. Each chair cover requires approximately 1/2 meter of fabric, depending on the size of the chair. Definitely measure before buying the fabric though!


Step 1:Measure the width of the top edge of the back of the chair. Then measure the length from the top edge of the chair to the length you want the cover to be, anywhere above the seat you want. Finally, measure the thickness of the top edge of the chair.

how to sew chair covers

Step 2:For each chair cover, you will cut three rectangles.

  • Main cover piece
    [A] WIDTH: width of the chair + 1 inch for the hem
    [B] HEIGHT: length of the chair x 2 + thickness of the chair + 2 inches for the hem
  • Decorative Knot
    Cut two 7 x 18 inch rectangles (measurements [C] And [D] in the picture). These can be any size or width you want, as long as the two pieces are long enough to reach the back of the chair and tie them together. If you double the length of the rectangle, you’d have enough to tie a bow instead of just a knot, which would be nice too. You can also replace the decorative tape for a completely different look.

Step 3:Fold the two knot pieces in half lengthwise with right sides together. Sew along the open edge. Flip outwards. To press. Fold one end under and sew closed.

flip the fabric right side out

Step 4: Flip the main cover piece over so that the straight sides are joined. Tuck each piece of knot inside the cover, aligning the unfinished edge of the knot with the outside edge of the cover. Pin in place.

DIY Chair Cover Sewing Tutorial

Sew both sides of the lining to create a pocket with an open end.

sew a cover for the back of a chair

Step 5: Hem the bottom edge of the chair cover by rolling the fabric 1/2 inch, then 1/2 inch again, pressing and stitching. Then press the entire cover of the chair, especially along all the stitched seams.

easy DIY chair back cover

Step 6: Slip the chair cover over the back of the chair and tie a nice knot or bow.

holiday chair cover

Honey, right ?! I can’t wait to get them out every Christmas for years to come. I hope it will be just one more little thing that will bring the magic of the holidays to my family. The chair covers definitely make the table feel special.

holiday table with chair covers

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easy to sew chair covers