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Find out how to make a fun surprise box with masking tape. This is a perfect gift for a teacher or for Mother’s Day!

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up, so today I thought I’d share this fun duck ribbon craft idea with you. I’ll show you how to make a super cute pop-out surprise box with duck ribbon! This is an intermediate level duck ribbon craft that can be a little tricky for beginners or very young children.

This post is sponsored by Duck Tape®. All ideas and opinions are mine.

To do this job, all of you need it’s Duck Tape and scissors, but I recommend using a rotary cutter with a mat and ruler instead. It’s much, much easier to cut straight, crisp lines and make sure everything stays square.

There are so many cute duck ribbon patterns and colors available these days. You can see all the different colors and patterns here.

My box has three layers inside, but you can add as many layers as you want by adjusting the measurements.

Step 1: cut

The easiest way I’ve found to cut masking tape is with a rotating blade and a cutting mat. Just attach the tape to the mat, measure the size you want, cut it with the ruler and rotary blade, then peel it off the mat.

not you need do it this way. Normal scissors work fine, but man is MUCH easier!

For this project, you will need Two each of the three pieces of different sizes for the three layers of the box. Here are the measurements:

Cut strips of masking tape to length, overlapping the strips to get the correct width. Then flip the strip with the sticky side up and fold the ends inward. The outer piece is 4 inches wide, so make a 4-inch mark from each end and fold it there. The center piece is 3.75 inches, so mark there and the inner piece is 3 inches, so you will fold 3 inches from the edge. Does this make sense? If not, the video tutorial at the bottom of the post might help.

You’ll end up with pieces that look like this:

Step 2: assemble

To assemble the box, start with the outer layer. Attach the two strips together to form a T shape, sticky centers together.

For the middle and inner layer, glue the two strips together to form a T shape but this time with the sticky centers both facing up.

You should now have three different pieces all in the shape of a T.

Place the middle layer sticky side down on the outer layer, then place the inside layer on the middle layer sticky side down and you’ll end up with the bottom of a box exploding.

Step 3: Make the lid

To make the lid, cut two 5-inch squares and two 17-inch strips.

Place one of the squares sticky side up on the countertop, then line up the other square and press it into place.

Place one strip with the adhesive side facing up on your work surface, then place the other strip on top, with a 1/2 inch offset.

Fold one of the sticky edges, but leave the other as it is.

Wrap the strip around the edge of the square piece to make a lid. The notches will join together to form a corner and the offset piece will line up with the edge of the square. Again, the video is really helpful in showing how it’s done.

Step 4: customize

As this surprise box is a gift from the teacher, we asked each child in the class to sign their name and include their favorite photos of the year, but there are so many different ways to personalize it! I know I’d like to receive something similar for Mother’s Day or a birthday. Or you could slip a deck of gift cards into each layer and make it a really substantial gift. Anything is fine!

Duck Ribbon Surprise Box Video Tutorial