Duck Tape Hand Sanitizer Holders

Make a cute Duck Tape Hand Sanitizer Holder to attach to a backpack, purse or keychain.

This post is sponsored by Duck Tape. All ideas and opinions are mine.

I’m back with another awesome duck ribbon craft idea! As the new school year approached, I wanted to make a sturdy yet cute hand sanitizer holder that my kids could hang on their backpacks so they always have the hand sanitizer nearby. Duck tape is the perfect material for this craft because it is durable, waterproof, and there are so many cute patterns to choose from.

To make your own hand sanitizer holder, you will need the following supplies:

Necessary material

  • Printed Duck Ribbon (I used Rainbow, Tie Dye, and Whimsical Unicorns patterns)
  • Hand sanitizer, any small bottle with a lid
  • Tear stitches
  • Metal closure (Several options are explained below)
  • Scissors or rotary cutter + mat
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Here are some of the different types of clasps that will work for this project:

You can find them at any craft store. They are usually found in the jewelry or sewing notions section. The Flat D-Ring is a little more unique … I found it at Hobby Lobby.

Step 1: Measure the size of the hand sanitizer bottle. Wrap the measuring tape all the way around the bottle, excluding the lid. Add 1 inch to this measurement.

Step 2: Cut two strips of masking tape to the length you just measured. Attach the two pieces together so that both sides show the cute pattern. Cut off the extra parts that didn’t line up properly so that no edges are sticky.

Step 3:Measure about 1.5 inches from one edge and make a small pencil mark. Trace the bottle lid so that the top of the circle hits the 1.5 inch mark. Round off on the edges above the circle.

Step 4: Place the bottle lid through the hole and wrap the bottle. Lightly mark the bottom center of the bottle with a pencil.

The next step will be different depending on the type of closure you are using. For a D-ring or keychain, drill two small holes in the ribbon on the pencil mark and slide the rings through. The flat D-ring I used fit the entire width of the tape, so I simply secured it in place with an extra piece of tape inside the holder.

Step 5: Add Velcro stitches to the inside of the flap and at the top of the front. Slide the bottle lid into the circular hole, wrap the holder around the bottle, then secure it in place with the stitches.

So you can clip it to a backpack zipper or add it to your keychain or whatever you want and you’ll always have your disinfectant close at hand. HANDY— understand ?! LOL.

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