DIY Scratch-Off Mothers Day + Fathers Day Cards

Make these cute Mother’s Day or Father’s Day scratch cards using Silhouette Scratch Sticker Paper and a Silhouette Cutting Machine.

I have a fun and easy craft to share with you today. I’ll show you how to make scratch cards for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

card for mother's day scratch and do it yourself
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Have you already used Silhouette Scratch Sticker Paper? It’s so beautiful! I thought it would be a really fun card that kids can make for their parents, so I’ve come up with a free printable card that you can customize and I’ll show you how easy this scratch card is to use!

silhouette portrait and sticky paper

Necessary material

  • Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette Cameo Machine
  • Scratch sticker paper (also available in gold!)
  • White cardboard
  • Printer
  • Free printable cards (download below)

Step 1:Download the card file from the bottom of this post and save it to your computer. I created different colors and styles for mums, dads and grandparents. You can see all the options in the folder together, so choose your favorites.

Step 2: Open the card file of your choice in Silhouette Studio, then print it on white card stock.

free printable mother's and father's day cards

Step 3: Use the Trace Panel tool to trace the shapes of the heart. Select the option to only trace the outer edges of the hearts.

trace studio silhouette outer border

Step 4:Click the SEND tab in the upper right corner of the screen, then use the MATERIAL drop-down menu to find the cut presets for the scratch off sticker sheet. Place the sticker sheet on a cutting mat, then load it into the machine and press ENTER. Your machine will only cut the sticky part and leave the backing paper intact.

cameo silhouette scratch the cut settings of the sticker sheet

Step 5:Write something in each of the hearts on the cardstock, then peel a heart scratch off the sticker sheet and place it over the heart.

scratch off the paper silhouette project idea

Then your card is ready to be given to someone special!

When they open the card, they can use a dime to scrape off the metal part of the sticker to reveal the messages below. There is a clear adhesive under the metallic paint part, so the message remains protected and easy to read. Isn’t that clean ?!

DIY scratch card

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Make these adorable DIY scratch cards for Mother's Day using Silhouette Scratch Sticker Paper. There are also other versions for grandma, grandpa and dad!