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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

This DIY wall hanging basket has the main boho / modern farmhouse vibes and is an easy craft that you can complete in under an hour.

My entryway has been basically the same style since I painted it navy blue nearly six years ago. I was ready for a change, so I went to Hobby Lobby in search of inspiration.

I noticed a whole section of cute wall baskets from their Spring Shop collection and an idea started to haunt me.

There were many cute choices, but I fell in love with a two-tone wicker wall basket, so I bought a few and decided to find a fun way to hang them on the wall using leather and a wooden dowel. It came so cute that I had to share the tutorial so you can make one too!

Necessary material

I purchased the baskets, rope, leather and pegs from Hobby Lobby. The wooden dowel and screws can be found in any hardware store.

If you can find screws with attractive heads, you can skip the tacks. The pegs are just for looks … I’d rather see a shiny gold peg than an ugly screw head, but I didn’t think about it while I was at the hardware store buying the dowel and didn’t want to take another trip. And it worked well, so it’s going to be great either way.

Ok, let’s get started!


If you want you can scroll down to watch the video tutorial.

Step 1: Cut two 2 x 8 inch strips of leather. Measure 1 inch down and one inch towards each end of the straps and make a small hole large enough for the screw to slide.

Step 2: Slide the screw into the hole from the wrong side to the right, then insert the clip with the head on the right side of the skin, like this:

Step 3: Cut three 24-inch lengths of string. Tie them to the handle of the basket so that there is a loop to hang them, like so:

Step 4: Attach the leather straps to the wall. You should either screw into a pin or use an anchor. Place the strap on the right side of the wall with the screw facing up and screw the skin into the wall. Then fold the band over itself, cover the top with a generous amount of hot glue, then press firmly on the other side. Be careful to line up the top and side edges so that it looks neat.

Step 5: Sand the tile and stain if desired. I liked the raw color of my wood so I left it as it is. Slide all three loops of rope onto the dowel, then place one end of the dowel through a leather loop, then slide it far enough away that you can insert the other end into the other loop. Once the dowel is in place, space everything out evenly and boom! You have a cute new decoration!

I love this new look in my entryway so much. It looks like the perfect blend of modern and traditional and the green adds that touch of spring that I crave. My husband also commented on it, which is a miracle in his own rite… he never notices the decorations! LOL.

This DIY idea has so many ways you can customize it, adapt it, and create your own ride on it. So many fun variations come to mind! My girls want one for their room to keep their sunglasses, rubber bands and feminine accessories. It would be a treasure in a nursery! Oh, the possibilities!

While I was at the Hobby Lobby, I also bought some new top decorations for my antique server. These are the articles you see in the images:


If you have a seat in the house that might need a little tweaking, visit your local hobby lobby to purchase their Spring Shop collection, where everything is currently 40% off. There are great discoveries for every room in the house!