Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath

This DIY buffalo wreath features rolled paper flowers in bright colors. The combination of black, white and color is so fresh and fun!

paper flower garland

There are two parts to this wreath project: wrapping the wreath and making the paper flowers.

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Part 1

Start with a foam wreath shape. Cut 3-4 “strips of fabric, then pin one end of the fabric into the foam and start wrapping it. When you reach the end of the fabric strip, pin the ends in place. Repeat this process until all the foam is covered.

foam garland wrapped in fabric

I tried to keep all the pins on the back side of the wreath shape so they don’t show when it’s hanging on my door.

pin the fabric to the wreath

Part 2

The next step is to make the paper flowers. I used my all-time favorite crafting tool: the Silhouette Cameo. Seriously, if you don’t have one yet, you need it.

Download the cut files from the Silhouette Design Store and cut out the designs from the cardstock. I used these cut files:

But there are dozens of flower shapes available in the Design Store, so feel free to search for the ones you love the most.

coiled spiral paper flowers

To make a rolled paper flower, follow these steps:

how to make a rolled paper flower

  1. Shape the flower petals by gently curving them around a pencil. This makes the flower more realistic.
  2. Start at the outer edge of the spiral and start rolling the paper, keeping the edge flat even as you go.
  3. Add a small amount of hot glue to the center part of the circle and press the rolled part into the glue to hold the rolled layers in place.
  4. Add a center if you wish. I didn’t this time, but a little gem or button would be nice.

The last step in making this pretty wreath is to hot glue the flowers onto the shape of the wreath. Go easy!

Enjoy the fun little video tutorial of this project:

I also added some tropical leaves to the mix just to have an excuse to add more color. I also cut out the ones with my Silhouette machine.

DIY garland with paper flowersI love how this wreath turned out. It is so happy and perfect for summer. I’m thinking that when autumn comes, I’ll take off the flowers and make new ones with fall colors. Wouldn’t that be so cute ?! And heck, I might as well tear off the fall flowers and add paper poinsettias when Christmas comes. I love a good and versatile project!