4 Amazingly Useful Ways to Clean Using SOS Pads

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SOS Pads. All opinions are 100% mine.

SOS Pads are a practical cleaning product that can be used in many different ways.

cleaning with sanitary napkins

Have you ever used the SOS pads? They are reusable soap filled steel wool pads that are great for removing stubborn and sticking messes. I have used SOS pads in the kitchen for years to clean my stainless steel cookware, but did you know there are many other ways to use SOS pads? Let me show you some of the other ways I use them!

1- Cookie sheets

how to clean cookie trays?

Do any of your cookie sheets have that baked on brown stuff in the corners? My cookie sheets looked pretty shabby so I scrubbed them with an SOS pad and that brown guck is gone!

2- glass jars

Another favorite use of SOS pads is to remove sticky paper labels from glass jars. If you’ve ever tried to peel off a label, you know how annoying and difficult it can sometimes be. The SOS pads remove excess paper and all glue residues and leave the jar perfectly clean and ready to be used again.

remove a sticker with sos pads

How to remove a label from a glass jar

  1. Moisten an SOS pad with water.
  2. Rub the label in a circular motion. The paper will flake off first, exposing the glue residue. Keep scrubbing until the glass is clear and you no longer feel the glue as you rub the glass with your fingers.
  3. Rinse the jar with water to remove the blue soap residue. It will look slippery until all the soap has been washed off. Dry with a lint-free cloth.
  4. You now have a glass jar without labels! I think candles are prettier without a label and then when all the wax is gone I can use it to hold craft supplies.

3- Barbecue grill

clean barbecue grill with sos pads

4- Tools

You can use SOS pads to clean rust from metal tools. These were some tools I found in the garage that looked pretty sad.

clean rusty tools with sos bearings

I decided to give them some sparkle. That’s how:

how to clean rusty tools

How to clean rusty tools

  1. Moisten an SOS pad with water.
  2. Scrub tools vigorously until rust, grease and dirt come off.
  3. Rinse the tools with water to remove the blue soap residue. They will feel slippery until all the soap has been washed off.
  4. Dry thoroughly to avoid further rusting in the future.

See how much better this Allen key set is after a good wash:

clean rusty tools

5- Garden furniture

If you have patio furniture that needs some TLC, SOS pads work great! I recently found two more metal chairs that matched the set I bought and repainted five or six years ago. They were in rather crude condition, but correspondence seats? He’s too lucky to miss it! I’m going to scrub them both well with the SOS pads (don’t forget to rinse and dry them afterwards), then coat them with a rust inhibitor primer, then spray them blue to match the other chairs in the set.

Here is a small preview of how well the SOS pad did in removing rust and flaking paint. I just rubbed that front leg so you could see it relative to the others. Wowsers! What difference!

clean rusty garden furniture with sos pads

How else can I use SOS pads?

There are so many other ways to use the SOS pads … some I certainly never thought of. There is a huge list right on the back of the box and I feel that now my official mission in life is to try them all. #adulting LOL.

Where can I buy SOS pads?

SOS pads can be found in the cleaning aisle at your local Walmart Store. I’m a huge fan of Walmart’s grocery pickup service, so I add them to my online shopping cart and let someone else pick them up for me as I sit in my car in luxury. Hey, cheap shivers for this mom.

If you have a creative or favorite use for the SOS pads, please leave a comment and share your wisdom with all of us!