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Would you like to win a free quilt back? I now carry almost 40 different wide fabrics on my Website and in my Studio.


I’m so excited to have such an extensive selection, that I thought I needed to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!

There are actually TWO ways you can win!


Leave a comment below, telling me WHY you quilt? Quilting began as a way to keep warm by making practical bed covers from scraps of leftover or previously used fabric. But most of us no longer NEED to keep warm in this way. It would be much faster, not to mention less expensive, to purchase a ready made blanket or comforter. So WHY do you participate in this ‘crazy’ hobby of taking perfectly good, brand new fabric, cutting it up into tiny pieces, and then sewing it back together again?? 😉 What is it about quilting that calls to you?

Leave your comment by Sat. March 16, and I’ll draw one name at random. That person will win 2-3/4 yards (99″ x 108″) of THEIR CHOICE of any of my COTTON quilt backs (sorry, Batiks and Flannels are excluded from the giveaway). While you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the top right of this page (or below if you’re reading on a mobile device). That way you won’t miss any of my upcoming posts on choosing quilting designs for your quilt tops (see the first article here).


Purchase a wide quilt back from my Online Store or in the Studio any time during March. Each time you purchase a 2 yard or larger cut of one fabric, your name and the value of that particular backing will go into a drawing. (If you buy 6 backs, you get 6 chances!) At the end of the month, I’ll draw out one name, and I will reimburse you for the price you paid for the back!! So if you bought a 3 yard piece at $16.99/yd., I’ll write you a check for $50.97 (plus sales tax and/or shipping if applicable)! How cool is that???

And since it will be lots of fun to read why people quilt, please share this with your quilting friends, on your Facebook page, or Tweet about it, etc. Thanks, and Good luck!!

38 thoughts on “Win a FREE Queen-Sized Wide Quilt Back!

  1. Hi Andi,
    I am asking myself why I quilt – trying to come up with a specific answer so I can enter your very generous drawing! I have always wanted to quilt. I look at it as a challenge I am trying to master and having a hard time of doing just that. It is fun and plays to my creative side. And quilts make great gifts!

  2. Hello, there!! I make quilts for myself and my family and to give as gifts! I also make quilts to donate to our local Rescue Squad for fundraisers!! Your drawing is a very generous gift and whoever wins will greatly appreciate it!!

  3. I started sewing garments when I was 13. And really enjoyed sewing. About 20 years ago I found myself lucky enough to be a full time mom and needed a way to express myself creatively. Quilting was fit the bill perfectly and still does.

  4. I started quilting because I wanted to learn a craft in college, and there was a craft center offering classes in all kinds of different crafts (quilting, knitting, stained glass, woodworking, etc.) and it was the one I chose to start with. I planned to take one or two different classes a year and try to learn all of them. However, I never moved on from quilting. I’m not always a big fan of every step of the process, but I love planning a new quilt, and I love the look on the person’s face when I give them their quilt. That’s why I keep going, even though after fifteen years of quilting, I still don’t have one I for myself!

  5. I quilt because it is a way to show someone I care about them ~ making quilts for family members as well as children living in orphanages and refugee shelters. I used to make clothing when I
    was younger ~ making quilts seems more useful ~ more beneficial.

  6. I bought a machine a year ago as I had wanted one for YEARS. I had the intention of dressmaking or just fixing work clothes. I took a few lessons with a lady who was mainly into quilting. I made a couple of clothing articles, and got equiptment for quilting, rotary cutter, self healing mat etc. Now I cannot get enough of it!!!!! I rememebr seeing lovely quilts a few yrs ago when i was working in an aged care facility, and thinking ‘I’d love to be able to make something like that”.

  7. When my kids both went to college I ended up with serious empty nest syndrome. I realized my life had revolved around them and their activities and that I was missing something of my own to do in life. I always wanted to learn to quilt and thought, “what better time than now?!” So I bought a nice machine and dove in! With the help of a few experienced quilters and doing some of my own reading and watching videos online, I was able to figure it out! Now I’m hooked!

  8. I quilt to wrap my grandbabies in love, to give expression to my creative side and to have something to do at lunch time during work!

  9. I quilt because to me it is relaxing and yet challenging. I enjoy making the quilt and then giving it away to someone who may not expect it. Their expression is priceless!

  10. I quilt to satisfy my left brain artistic side – relieves the stress created by my very right brain career in the computer industry. I used to sew many of my clothes when I was younger – but “graduated” into quilting as I got older. My grandmother taught me how to sew – I always think of her when I quilt and the “gift” she gave me of teaching me to sew. I hope one day to have a granddaughter to do the same with.

  11. You ask why I quilt, I quilt to relax and challeng my mind. I enjoy giving my creations away and seeing their expression when they receive them as gifts.

  12. I quilt because I was inspired. I’m an otherwise unemployed housewife and Facebook is my primary social outlet. I had joined a few general sewing groups on there, but found them to be a bit pompous & nit-picky (sorry to be frank). I left them and found “Quilting”. I wasn’t a quilter when I joined the group, just a hobby sewer (hand bags, home decor, and the occasional garment). I was so inspired by the work these ladies and gents were posting and their compassion to others in the group that I jumped on the wagon and gave it a whirl. I started with a broadcloth hand-quilted piece because my mom used to do that when I was little. Very soon after, I made a king size quilt for my bed, and within months had made several more for Christmas gifts. I now quilt for creative expression, comfort (for myself and to gift it to my loved ones), and spirituality (it’s kinda like my church – gives me time to reflect and think about the things that are important to me, and to pray). What keeps me motivated is the compassion and support of other quilters and how nice they are to each other. It’s a community like no other, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  13. I quilt because I love the finished projects, the colour and the sense of love that it inspires when they are handed onto friends and family. I also meet a great circle do like minded people that I call very good friends.

  14. One person left a comment on my previous post, so I’m copying it here so she can be entered as well.

    Marilyn Petersen, on March 1, 2013 at 9:54 pm said:

    Quilting seems to be a continued discovery for me … how colors interact, blocks go together, and the patterns they form. Sewing the pieces together is always an act of love. Arranging the pieces is a challenge, auditioning the fabrics for borders and binding to compliment/enhance the beauty.

  15. My grandmother and her sisters made wonderful quilts from the turn of the last century and on. When I was 5 years old I embroidered blocks for a crib quilt, and my grandmother hand quilted this for me. I have this quilt and two others my grandmother hand quilted, and they are treasures. Now I enjoy quilting for the relaxing and creative qualities, and also because it is continuing a tradition that links me to people I hold dear. Quilting is one way of nourishing the soul!

  16. I quilt because it lets me spent time with friends! I love my quilting world and think the people I give my quilts to love to get them. Bev Mader

  17. I quilt because I’m addicted to fabric and feel that using some every so often makes it easier for my hubby when purchasing more. Or maybe it’s because I have such a grand time making quilts with friends or family that go to charity or some other good cause or maybe it’s just because I can and find it therapeutic. Whatever my reason I’m a happy quilter and intend to stay that way.

  18. I started quilting to help a friend out who needed just a couple more students to fill a class and I got hooked. To be able to take any pattern and make it your own is so much fun and a real ego booster when you are done. Quilting with family and friends is a great time, too.

  19. I started quilting because I need a bedspread in 1976. I soon found I enjoyed it and it was excellent therapy for those stressful days.

  20. I quilt for something to do. I like quilting because it passes the time, plus gives me something to show for the time spent. It makes wonderful gifts that everyone loves.

  21. ‘ I started quilting. Wasn’t something I really was going to do until my first one, just makes me feel good inside

  22. For me, quilting is therapeutic. It helps me think of the quilt rather than the many other uncontrollable issues in life. And, I would love to have many treasures to leave behind to love ones so that their memory of me last for generations.

  23. My mother has Adv Alz and lives with us. We have been caring for her for the past 7 years and every day seems to bring a new challenge. Quilting is my life saver. I can cast aside for a period to time Mom’s condition and bask in the fun of taking fabric and making something wonderful. I’m known as “the quilt lady” at work cuz I give Random Acts of Quilts to unassuming co-workers. I’d rather think of me as the “Quilt Fairy!”

  24. I love quilting because it lets me be creative. I can’t wait to see the end result of the pattern and color choices I’ve made. I love to get together with quilting friends to socalize and to share ideas. I love to get inspiration from them and from viewing others quilts.

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  26. Quilting is my therapy! It calms me, feeds my creative desire, and gives me sew much satisfaction in a job well done, whether it’s for myself, someone in my family or a commission piece, I love it all and love doing it!

  27. Why do I quilt? My husband always asks me if I NEED another quilt. My answer is “That depends on how you define NEED!” It’s therapy for me and challenging. Keeps me thinking. Keeps me busy with something I enjoy doing.

  28. Even before I could sew, I spent an inordinate amount of time at the Hancock’s in SE Houston near our house with my mom. I always started in the trim/button section and then found fabric and then patterns for my clothes. Anything a bit odd about that? I still do it. I quilt because it’s an offshoot of apparel sewing which I learned from my mom beginning Christmas of 2nd grade in 1966. She and I shared so many hours of trying to flip the cardboard cutting board, electric scissors, pins and her 1951 black/gold Singer between us with only a few heated moments. We decided to start quilting my first semester of college in 1977. We bought a pattern, fabric, and started. Good Lord, it was a king size, all-needle-turn-hand-applique and she hand-quilted it. It’s amazing we got through it. My mom passed in 1997, 15 months after my daddy. I have the quilt and get it out and study it every so often. It’s the way I have learned to keep her close to me all these years later.

  29. I quilt for me, I feel like it’s in my soul. I use to sew alot, always wanted to learn to quilt, no one I know who did would help me get started, so I taught myself & haven’t looked back! Absolutely love it, & it came natural to me with all my years of sewing. With DH & I both retired & mostly at home now, it sure fills my days! Sure glad I built up my stash & did alot of stocking up before we both stopped working. Now I can buy a little here & a little there, & have plenty to keep me busy & happy! Quilting is so much a part of my life & I treasure every moment I spend do anything quilt related!

  30. I love quilts. I enjoy creating and making people happy. I also love a challenge.My sister, My husbands grandmother and his mother were all quilters. My mother-in-law started sharing her quilt books and magazines with me. It is my hobby and sometimes my get away. I go to my sewing room and work on projects. I was self taught by reading books at first and then I joined the quilt guild and made so many friends. I started learning new patterns getting inspired by going to retreats, meetings and seeing quilts made by fellow quilters. Quilting has become my passion all I need is longer days and weekends to have more quilting time.

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