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I will be adding quilting tips, hints and fun things here for your enjoyment and education. If there is something about quilting you would like to see me cover, please contact me and let me know.

Ask the Longarmer

Ever wonder why your Longarmer has certain requirements or does things a particular way? Join me as I help you understand how to work with a Longarmer to be sure your quilt comes back to you looking it’s best! Here are some things you might like to know.

Quilter’s Abbreviations

Do you struggle to understand some of the odd sayings that quilters have? You’ll want to read my list of Quilters Abbreviations.

Seam Allowances

 If you have trouble with your blocks not being the correct size, it may be that your seam allowance is not accurate. You can find my “How to Achieve an Accurate 1/4″ Seam Allowance” handout here.


 Not sure how to add borders so that your quilt top is flat?
Download my “How to Apply Borders” Handout here.


 Need a quick gift? Pillowcases done in fun conversation prints to match the recipient’s interests are just the thing. Here are my instructions for a “Sausage” Pillowcase with all finished seams – even inside!

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