For the Quilter on the Go….

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Serious quilters aren’t content to stay home and work by themselves. No, we love to pack up all of our belongings and travel to classes and retreats and workshops. Well, I’m not sure we *love* the PACKING and HAULING part. But attending a quilting related event with other like-minded souls is worth the inconvenience. Of course we do try to find easy ways to tote our entire sewing rooms with us – rolling bags for sewing machines, oversized tote bags for mats and rulers, tool boxes for cutters and rippers and other notions. READ MORE...

Quilter’s Heaven!

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Last weekend 16 of us found quilter’s heaven on earth in Gary, SD – the Buffalo Ridge Resort Quilting Retreat!

We all had a WONDERFUL time! Buffalo Ridge was the South Dakota School for the Blind in the first half of the 1900s. After it was closed in the 1960s it fell into disrepair. A few years ago a business man bought and restored it, and turned it into a resort and convention center. The grounds and buildings are beautiful. Below is Woodbury Hall, which was the girl’s dormitory, gymnasium and music rooms. READ MORE...

Quilting Season has Arrived!

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While the end of summer always makes me sad, the shorter days and less time in the out-of-doors means there is more time for sewing and quilting – YAY!! September and October are always filled with quilting events – shows, retreats, classes, etc. Now that I have my Studio, I can’t attend as many of these as I used to. Just this month, for instance, are several events I’ve attended in the past. Last weekend was the Hill City Quilt Show and The Great Black Hills Quilt Escape in the Black Hills of S. Dakota. This weekend the South Dakota Quilter’s Guild is holding their Fall Quilting Retreat in Huron. Next weekend is the Indian Summer Quilt Show & Conference held in Fargo ND. READ MORE...

Tuesday Tip – MacGyver to the Rescue

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Do you remember the 1980’s TV show MacGyver? Richard Dean Anderson played the title character, a resourceful secret agent who could get out of any sticky or dangerous situation with little more than a Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape.

I attend a quilting retreat twice a year. While the 16 or so participants generally bring almost everything in their sewing rooms, occasionally someone will forget one or two little items. Usually you can borrow that item from someone else, but once in a while it requires a bit of ‘MacGyvering’ to accomplish a task. READ MORE...