First Feathers Quilting Designs by Andi Rudebusch

First Feathers Quilting Designs are Here!

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In my last post, I asked which of several feather wreaths you would prefer I include in my First Feathers quilting designs collection. No clear ‘winner’ emerged between hexagon or octagon-shaped wreaths, and many people said ‘both’. So, I took your advice, and my First Feathers collection includes both types of wreaths! And, I’m happy to say, all are now available for purchase from either Intelligent Quilting (digital only) or Legacy Quilting (digital and paper). (The links take you to all my designs on that website. You can type Feather in the search box on that page to narrow the results. Of course I’d love it if you looked at all my designs while you’re there!) READ MORE...

First Feathers Quilting Designs Pantograph by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts

Feather Quilting Design – Help Me Choose

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I’ve been working on a new feather quilting design group I’m calling First Feathers. As with most of my designs, I started with a pantograph design (also called Edge-to-Edge (E2E for short) or Overall). Last year I created Wandering Feathers, which, if I may say so myself, is a beautiful design. READ MORE...

Longarm Pricing Follow Up & A Recent Custom Quilt Finish

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Wow, I am so humbled by the attention my last blog post has garnered. I had over 5000 views on my blog in one day, and my post was shared on other blogs and FaceBook posts! I never expected this much attention. Apparently I touched a nerve among many other longarm quilters. And many of those who commented are longarm customers, who said they knew how much work their quilters put into their quilts, and that they appreciated those efforts. If you haven’t ready that post, you can view it here. And if you did read it but haven’t seen the comments, there are some really good ones that you won’t want to miss. I thank everyone for their thoughful replies. READ MORE...