Longarm Pricing Follow Up & A Recent Custom Quilt Finish

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Wow, I am so humbled by the attention my last blog post has garnered. I had over 5000 views on my blog in one day, and my post was shared on other blogs and FaceBook posts! I never expected this much attention. Apparently I touched a nerve among many other longarm quilters. And many of those who commented are longarm customers, who said they knew how much work their quilters put into their quilts, and that they appreciated those efforts. If you haven’t ready that post, you can view it here. And if you did read it but haven’t seen the comments, there are some really good ones that you won’t want to miss. I thank everyone for their thoughful replies. READ MORE...

Why Does My Longarm Quilter Charge So Much

Why Does My Longarm Quilter Charge ‘So Much’?

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I belong to several FaceBook groups for quilters. One of these is for those of us who make our living (or TRY to) from longarm quilting. Recently one of the longarm quilters showed a beautiful customer quilt she finished that took her sixty hours to complete. S…I…X…T…Y…HOURS…! She did an AMAZING job, and everyone was in awe of the quilting she had done on the quilt. It was obvious she had used all of her talent, training and PASSION for quilting to turn this top into a show stopper. And do you know how much she earned for all of this hard work? Around $13 per hour. READ MORE...

Edge-to-Edge or Custom Quilting? Part 3

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So now we know what is meant by Edge-to-Edge (or Overall) Quilting and Custom Quilting, but how do we decide which one is right for a quilt? I usually consider 3 things :

#1 How will the quilt will be used? Is it for a child or college student – meant to be loved, dragged around, washed often? (Choose E2E). READ MORE...

Edge-to-Edge or Custom Quilting? Part 2

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So now that we know about overall/edge-to-edge quilting, (you can read my first post on that here) what exactly is custom quilting? Custom is any type of design that does NOT completely cover the quilt top with one pattern. There are actually different levels of custom quilting. I sometimes break them down into simple custom, basic custom, full custom, and heirloom. (Other quilters may have different terminology.) READ MORE...