Paper or Digital Quilting Designs?

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So while I’ve been quiet on the blog lately (well, okay, for a very long time!), I’ve had my nose buried in my computer creating new quilting designs and learning how to digitize. I recently purchased a wonderful program, Art and Stitch, which is just for digitizing quilting and embroidery designs. This program can do SO MUCH, but it also takes a while to learn all the neat features. So I’ve been splitting my time between doing tutorials to learn the program, and putting my new knowledge into practice by working on new quilting designs.

One of those designs is something I created several years ago when I had to quilt a top made from Crown Royal bags. I drew a little crown, added it into a meander, and my Crowning Glory panto was born. Of course back then, I was only using it for myself. But I’ve had requests to make that available, which I’m currently in the middle of doing.

Crown Royal Quilt with Crowning Glory Pantograph designed by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting.

Crown Royal Quilt with Crowning Glory Pantograph

Which got me to thinking – this particular pattern is really meant for a robotic quilting system, as there is some backtracking that needs to be precise for the pattern to look good. But I’m wondering how much interest there would be in some type of paper version of this? If enough people are interested, I could try to work up something that’s less precise and more forgiving for hand-guided quilting.

Also, do you just want an overall (panto) design, or are you interested in elements for custom quilting? Like blocks, borders, etc?

By the way, in addition to Digi-Tech Designs, I now have two other distributors carrying my designs – Intelligent Quilting and Legacy Quilting, and hope to be adding a fourth one soon. Each distributor chooses which of my designs they like, and adds them at different times according to their schedules, so you may not find all of my designs on all of the sites. And some of them only carry digital, or only paper, while others will carry both digital and paper. So add all of these sites to your favorites list and visit often to see what new offerings they have.

Please comment below if you would be interested in a paper pattern or digital version. And would you want other elements besides an overall design?

5 thoughts on “Paper or Digital Quilting Designs?

  1. Yea! You have inspired me to focus again, as well. Thank you! I do mostly art quilts (landscapes and recreated paintings) But I DO think that corner and borders “set in” patterns or pantographs would be really useful for many quilts! Wynn

  2. Digital!! I have 2 CR quilts coming in September, and I would dearly LOVE to purchase this. Maybe a private ETSY listing if one of the distributors doesn’t pick it up?

    • I’ll see if I can talk the one distributor who usually is pretty quick with my things to get this one done. If not I’ll try to work something out. What format does your machine use?

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