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           Crowning Glory Pantograph Quilting Design by Andi Rudebusch          Crowning Glory Border 2 quilting design by Andi Rudebusch          Crowning Glory Block 1 quilting design by Andi Rudebusch    

I’m so excited as I have many new quilting designs to share with you! The Crowning Glory patterns I referred to in my last post are now available through Intelligent Quilting and Legacy Quilting. You can see just a few of them above. I hope you’ll go take a look, and if you purchase any of these, PLEASE take some photos of them stitched out on your quilt – I’d love to see them. (And save those photos, as they may just win you some free quilting designs down the road – more on that at a later date!)

New Quilting Design Sheets are a Great Resource for You

In order to show you all of the designs that belong to a particular collection, I’ve started to create quilting Design Sheets that show each component of a set, and often variations on how to use them. These are a GREAT resource for you when trying to find just the right design for a quilt – print out the Design Sheets, store them in a binder, and flip through them as needed. Your clients will appreciate being able to see the various designs available as well.

If you don’t quilt your own quilts, you can STILL take advantage of these Design Sheets. Just send a link to your longarmer and she/he can order the designs to use on your quilt.

The first of the Design Sheets completed is for my Ribbon Heart designs. There is a border with corner, and that border can be repeated for a pantograph design in two different ways. There are also a couple of blocks, two frames, a wreath and a triangle. Here is the border stitched out on a sweet embroidered baby quilt.

Ribbon Heart Border quilting design by Andi Rudebusch on embroidered baby quilt.

I didn’t use the corner on this quilt as it fit the piecing better by leaving it off.

Ribbon Heart Border quilting design by Andi Rudebusch on embroidered baby quilt

In addition to baby quilts, Ribbon Heart is the PERFECT design for wedding or anniversary quilts. What quilt will you use it on?

The First of the Quilting Design Sheets – Ribbon Hearts

When you are ready to print this Design Sheet, here is a PDF version – Ribbon Heart PDF. Just make sure you set your printer to use letter-sized paper in portrait mode, and click “Fit” to get it all on one page.

Don’t have a printer available right now? How about saving the image below to a board on Pinterest? Just click the “Save” button, then you’ll quickly be able to access it whenever you want. I’m saving mine to a board called “Heart Quilting Designs”.


I’ll be posting new quilting Design Sheets every so often, so be sure and check back to see what’s new. Or, subscribe to my blog so you’ll be notified when there’s a new entry. And check often with my distributors, as each of them adds designs at different times, and not all of them carry all of my designs. Click any of the logos below to be taken to their websites.

Designs are now available from these fine websites:

Urban Elementz logo           

Intelligent Quilting website


Legacy Quilting website         

I hope you find some designs that will work for you. And remember, take some photos of the quilts you complete with my designs, and share them with me – I always love to see what you are working on.



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