Preparing Your Quilt

Preparing Your Quilt Top
Press your quilt top well, ensuring that seams are neatly pressed to one side. SID is difficult if not impossible if seams twist every which way. Trim threads, especially if there are dark threads that may shadow through light fabrics. Be sure seams at the outer edges of the quilt are secured. If there are bias edges on the outside of the quilt, stay stitch 1/8″ in from the edge to stabilize. Wavy borders and fullness may not quilt out – I may need to return the top to you to fix before I can quilt it. If you are not sure how to properly measure and add a border, please visit my Tips and Hints page and download the “How to Apply Borders” handout.

Preparing Your Backing
If you are supplying a pieced backing, be sure to remove selvages from the seam, and press the seam open or flat to one side. The backing needs to be 4 inches bigger ALL the way around (if your top is 60″ x 80″, the backing should be 68″ x 88″). Check to be sure your backing is square. Sheets do not make good backings as the high thread count can cause poor tension. I offer a selection of wide backs (108″ to 116″) that save you from having to piece!

Read here why I need the backing and batting larger than the quilt top

You may supply your own batting or I have a variety of kinds to choose from. Batting also needs to be 4 inches bigger than the quilt top in all directions. Certain battings are not suitable for use on a longarm machine, and I reserve the right to refuse a batting that I feel will not perform well.

Many types and colors of threads are available, some of which are more suited to certain projects than others. I charge for the actual amount of thread used. Specialty threads, such as variegated or metallics, are more expensive. Two different colors are included in the base thread price, each extra color change is an additional $2.00.

Additional Charges
Additional work such as pressing, trimming threads, seaming or squaring up the backing, fixing wavy borders, etc. are done at the rate of $25.00 per hour.