Longarm Pricing Follow Up & A Recent Custom Quilt Finish

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Wow, I am so humbled by the attention my last blog post has garnered. I had over 5000 views on my blog in one day, and my post was shared on other blogs and FaceBook posts! I never expected this much attention. Apparently I touched a nerve among many other longarm quilters. And many of those who commented are longarm customers, who said they knew how much work their quilters put into their quilts, and that they appreciated those efforts. If you haven’t ready that post, you can view it here. And if you did read it but haven’t seen the comments, there are some really good ones that you won’t want to miss. I thank everyone for their thoughful replies.

Now that my customer Sandy has picked up her lovely floral applique quilt, I can show photos of it. I didn’t have room to get a full view shot of it, but here is the center once I took it off the frame.


She said it took her about a year to do – I believe it was a class at a local quilt shop. She ended up using all the fancy stitches on her machine, and the background of each block was already quilted with a thin batting. She didn’t want heavy quilting which would compete with the work she did. So I kept the block quilting very simple, just echos around the flowers, and some detail work in the appliques. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

I’m not sure who had more fun working on this quilt, Sandy or me! There were lots of interesting details and textures in these blocks. Like the centers of the flowers below:


She opted for feathers in the borders, and I used a jewel tone variegated thread for those. In the rest of the borders and sashing, I used a combination of feathers, swirls, and straight lines.

Floral AppliqueIMG_4405005

Floral AppliqueIMG_4404004

My husband gave me a very nice compliment when he came down to the studio as I was finishing it up. He said my feathers looked so nice and even like they were done with a computerized quilting machine!

This was the first time I had quilted for Sandy, so there is always that doubt about whether a new customer will like your work. She was so happy with it, that she called me a few hours after she had picked it up to let me know again how pleased she was. And her daughter, whom I had never met, had also called me to say how much SHE liked it and how happy her Mom was. Wasn’t that the nicest thing for both of them to do?!?!?

Thank you for letting me work on your beautiful quilt, Sandy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. A beautiful quilt to work on. I enjoyed your article on longarm charges, so true. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

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