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I’ve been having so much fun lately designing new quilting designs! I love playing with different ideas and seeing what I can create. Usually I start by designing an overall or pantograph quilting design. (If you don’t know what that is, I talk about pantographs here.) Next I take one of the repeats and try and make a border with a corner, some blocks, frames and wreaths, and maybe a triangle. If you’ve missed some of my newer designs, you can view the design sheets for them below. (Click each image to open a larger version.)

One thing I’m not so good with is coming up with a catchy name. My most recent design is a variation on feathers that I am calling “fronds”. But that’s not a very sexy name. So I’m trying to come up with something more interesting, and that’s where I can use your help. Some other ideas I’ve had are Fabulous Fronds…Fantastic Fronds…Frondly Yours…Frondalicious…see, I told you I wasn’t very good at names!!

Can You Help Me Name this Pantograph Quilting Design?

So maybe you can help me – what would you call it? Oh, I suppose you would like to see what it looks like! Here’s the basic pantograph quilting design:

Fronds Pantograph Quilting Design by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting

Oh look! Can you see the heart shape being formed by the rows? I planned it like that…yup…uh-huh…sure I did!

While I like this version very much, I REALLY like it when every other row is flipped vertically. Isn’t this version cool?

Fronds Pantograph Quilting Design Variation by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting

Either way, I think this pantograph quilting design will add some great texture to a quilt.

So what would you call it? Please comment below and we’ll see how creative you all are with names.

While this quilting design is not yet available for sale, I do have many other designs just waiting to help you finish your quilts. If you’d like to see what I currently have to offer, click on the logo of one of the vendors below, to be taken directly to all of my designs.

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4 thoughts on “Help Me Name that Pantograph Quilting Design

  1. I would call the first one Frondly Hearts and the second one Frondastic Illusions. Really like the second one too! 🙂

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