#Giving Tuesday equals Free Quilting Patterns

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#Giving Tuesday Free Quilting Patterns

Thank you to all who purchased patterns during the Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday sale. I should have all of the orders out in the next couple of days, and hope you enjoy working on your new projects. I appreciate your support of my small business!

I still have some of these patterns left, and since I’m trying to reduce my inventory of printed patterns (I will continue to offer digital patterns, which you can find on Craftsy or Etsy), I’m going to try something for #Giving Tuesday.

#Giving Tuesday

If you don’t know about it, #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Individuals and organizations are asked to give of their time, resources or talent to care for and empower one another. You can learn more about it here.

#Giving Tuesday = FREE Quilting Patterns

What I would like to do is GIVE AWAY some of my printed patterns. There is a catch, however. I’m not offering them up to individuals, but I’d like them to go to a group or organization that will use them for ‘good’.

I’ve heard of people that teach prison inmates to sew so they have a way to constructively use their time when they are released…A domestic abuse shelter that uses sewing as a way to empower their residents and give them hope for the future…Programs in underprivileged countries that teach sewing to budding entrepreneurs…Groups that make seasonal wallhangings to brighten the doors of residents in nursing homes. You get the idea.





I’m sure there are many other programs such as these that would make good use of donated patterns. There are probably HUNDREDS of worthy causes, but I don’t have enough patterns or funds for shipping to donate to all of them. So I will take nominations and select several groups that I feel would be a good fit for the patterns I have available.

Visit my Facebook Page to Nominate a Worthy Cause for Giving Tuesday

If you know of such a program, here is what you need to do: Head on over to my Facebook page. I will ONLY accept nominations on the pinned post on Facebook. (Don’t have FB yourself? Perhaps a friend or someone in the organization can enter for you.) This is to make it easy for me to find all of the information in one place.

Once you are on FB, comment directly on the pinned post to tell me about your group:

  • the name (if there is one)
  • the location (city, state & country)
  • what your group does
  • why receiving free patterns would help


Depending on how many nominations I receive, and how many patterns might be needed by each group, I will choose one or more groups to donate some patterns to. Keep in mind that most of my patterns are for small wallhangings, and many are paper-pieced. So if you are an organization that makes bed quilts, this probably won’t be of much use to you. And paper-piecing means sewing machines will be needed, as that technique is not suitable for hand sewing. You can see many of my patterns here.

Feel free to ask questions here on the blog, but remember that you can ONLY nominate a group by commenting on the pinned post on my Facebook page. And please Like my Facebook page while you’re there, to read about all of the worthy groups doing good work while sewing.

What are you doing for #Giving Tuesday?

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