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Serious quilters aren’t content to stay home and work by themselves. No, we love to pack up all of our belongings and travel to classes and retreats and workshops. Well, I’m not sure we *love* the PACKING and HAULING part. But attending a quilting related event with other like-minded souls is worth the inconvenience. Of course we do try to find easy ways to tote our entire sewing rooms with us – rolling bags for sewing machines, oversized tote bags for mats and rulers, tool boxes for cutters and rippers and other notions.

One age-old dilemma is how to pack up your iron to go home at the end of the day while it’s still warm. Do you realize it only takes about 90 seconds for your iron to heat up, but about 3 days to cool off???? (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating with the 3 day thing. But it does seem to take forever when the only thing you have left to pack in your car is the iron, and you’re afraid of leaving a triangle shaped mark in the upholstery…….or your leg. If it’s winter time you can put it outside and it will cool faster that way……Unless you live in Florida. Then I don’t think it would help……but I’m not sure – I’ve never lived in Florida in the winter…..but I’m sure willing to try if anyone needs a roommate!)

Ah, but I digress. So, back to how to solve the problem of the warm iron when traveling? Wouldn’t you know some clever quilter figured that out. And no, it wasn’t me. I’m not THAT clever. This is what they came up with – it’s called the Caddy Pad Ironing Caddy:

It looks like a cute little purse. But see that little bit of silvery gray peeking out from the inside? That’s actually heat-resistant fabric!

Here you can see the iron is nestled all snug in it’s bed, while visions of sugarplums…….oh, wait, wrong story.

And the Caddy Pad lies flat so you can press on it when you’re at your workshop! How clever is that????

I whipped up one of these at retreat in pretty much no time! Fast, fun project, and makes a great gift for a quilty friend. The patterns come with the heat-resistant fabric included. I also have kits that include insulated batting and the fabric shown. All you add is buttons, elastic and thread. (Sorry, I no longer sell these.)

Your iron works hard for you pressing all those seams nice and flat. Doesn’t it deserve a nice little place to call it’s own?

What gifts are you sewing for people this year?

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  1. I haven’t taken an iron with me on trips, as there is usually one provided. But I love the idea of making this bag, as someone in our guilds could always use a new bag, especially to make quilting easier. Thank you for sharing this cool (cooling?) idea.

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