First Feathers Quilting Designs are Here!

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In my last post, I asked which of several feather wreaths you would prefer I include in my First Feathers quilting designs collection. No clear ‘winner’ emerged between hexagon or octagon-shaped wreaths, and many people said ‘both’. So, I took your advice, and my First Feathers collection includes both types of wreaths! And, I’m happy to say, all are now available for purchase from either Intelligent Quilting (digital only) or Legacy Quilting (digital and paper). (The links take you to all my designs on that website. You can type Feather in the search box on that page to narrow the results. Of course I’d love it if you looked at all my designs while you’re there!)

First Feathers Quilting Designs Wreaths by Andi Rudebusch

There are actually 13 elements to the First Feathers quilting designs collection:

  • Pantograph, which can also be used as a border with the corner
  • Corner
  • 3 Blocks
  • 5 Wreaths
  • 2 Frames
  • Triangle

Legacy Quilting is offering all of these as a set which you can find here. Or you can purchase individual elements if you prefer.

First Feathers Quilting Designs set by Andi Rudebusch on Legacy Quilting

A Great First Pantograph Pattern

As mentioned before, the paper version of the pantograph is perfect for those new to quilting feathers (or any panto for that matter). There is no long spine to worry about keeping smooth and even. So if you wobble a little on the points of one of your fronds, it won’t be as obvious as when there is a spine. Since there is only one motif to practice (although every other one does change direction), it will be easier to commit to ‘muscle memory’. And all feathers are quilted from one direction – you don’t have to go top/down on one side of a spine and bottom/up on the other side.

A NOTE ON ORDERING PAPER PATTERNS FROM LEGACY QUILTING: On the design page, where it says “Please select a quilting machine”, scroll to the last option which is paper.paper (pdf). You will be purchasing a PDF file which you can scale and print out yourself.

First Feathers Quilting Designs Pantograph by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts

First Feathers Pantograph

Elements for Custom Quilting

Most of the other parts of the collection are made from the same motif as in the panto, with minor variations. Once you get comfortable with the panto, you may like to use some of the blocks or wreaths in a custom quilt. Here is the Quilting Design Sheet for First Feathers, with all of the available elements. Remember to print out the PDF version and keep in in a binder for future reference, and Pin the image below to your Feather Quilting Designs board in Pinterest.



I can’t wait to see this design used on a quilt! Do you have a top that one of these elements would look good on? I’m currently working up a custom quilting plan for sampler top that was completed MANY years ago. And I’ll be sure to share that design once it’s completed. I hope you’ll share any quilting plans you may have using one of my quilting designs, or especially share photos of any finished quilts!





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