Digital Quilting Designs

Digital quilting designs are used with computer-guided or robotic quilting systems. My digital quilting designs are carried by several distributors. Each of these companies may carry all or just a few of my designs, and some may post them sooner than others. Click on any of the logos below to be taken to my designs on that website. If you don’t see one of my digital quilting designs there, try another site, or ask your favorite vendor to carry my designs.

Andi Rudebusch digital quilting designs on the Intelligent Quilting website

Legacy Quilting website

NOTE: I used to have my designs available on Digi-Tech Designs, which has now merged with Urban Elementz. Urban Elementz will be including SOME of Digi-Tech’s former designers into their lineup of designers. If you would like to see my designs carried at UE, please consider dropping them an email and letting them know. Email them here. Thank you for your support!

Andi Rudebusch digital quilting designs on the Digi-Tech website