Challenge Day 4 – Connecting Strategy

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Connecting through Social Media

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Once I know who my peeps are (see this post), I need to find a way of connecting with you. The Day 4 #CreativePassiontoProfit challenge question is:

What platforms do you use for connecting with your peeps? What strategy do you have in place?

Since most of my customers use the internet for networking, inspiration, tutorials, patterns, etc., I will focus on online platforms to interact with you. I believe most of you are on Facebook & Pinterest – but if there are other places you hang out, won’t you please let me know? If you have “Liked” my page on Facebook, are you SEEING my posts? Facebook has gotten weird about showing posts from business pages, so unless you interact with my page (comment, like, ask a question), you may not get my lastest posts in your news feed.

For my strategy, I’m considering the following:
– Post on FB at least 1x day – finished quilts, new designs, tips for LAers, links to interesting quilting sites
– Write at least 1 blog post/week – resurrect my “Ask the Longarmer” questions? Show how I choose designs for quilts, offer other tips, hints, and inspiration
– Send out a newsletter 2x month
– Add Pins to Pinterest for each blog post, new designs, etc.

How would YOU like to go about connecting with me?

Do you prefer receiving an emailed newsletter? If so, how often?

How often do you visit Facebook or Pinterest? Is that where you prefer to follow me?

Have you signed up to follow my blog, or is that something you’d consider doing?

Where else could we meet up and connect?

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