Challenge Day 3 – Are You My Quilting Peep?

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Are you my quilting peep?

I’ve been participating in the #CreativePassiontoProfit 5-day “Get Your Art Out There Challenge”. I’ve missed a few days due to things not working, and having to spend my time dealing with repair people. The internet was down (had to get a new wireless modem), the icemaker in the fridge quit working (they had to replace a part), and my back went out (wish I could get a new one of those, but so far it’s only been a couple trips to the chiropractor). If you missed my first two posts, you can find them here:

Day 1 – Why Do You Create?

Day 2 – What is Your Business Vision?

The Day 3 question is: Describe your ideal customer. Where do they hang out? What are their struggles, and what solution do you provide for those struggles?

I’ve come up with MY idea of who my ideal customer is, but I’m wondering what you think? Female, aged 45 – 65. Married, may or may not have children at home. College-educated. Middle class. You like creating, working with your hands. You’ve worked in an office setting or healthcare, but are now looking for something different. You are somewhat tech savvy, using the internet for shopping & interacting with other quilters. Other interests are cooking, sewing, creating gifts for family members, gardening, other ‘homey’ hobbies.

You love the idea of using a LA machine to complete your quilts, but are somewhat intimidated by the process. You may or may not be considering quilting as a business. But you are searching for help in starting your LA journey, seeking tips and techniques, inspiration for how to quilt, and what would be appropriate patterns to use on various quilts.

Ask the Longarmer - Thread Color for Longarm Quilting

I have a series of tips for Longarm Quilters – what question would YOU like answered?

You frequent local quilt shops, belong to one or more guilds, often attend several quilt shows a year. You subscribe to several quilting magazines, as well as quilting blogs & podcasts. Online venues include Facebook groups, Pinterest, Yahoo groups, and other online forums. Some of these are for general quilters, others are for longarm businesses such as MQR & MQP. You watch YouTube tutorials to learn new techniques, and may subscribe to paid quilting sites, Craftsy or similar sites.

Now I have a question for YOU:

Are you my peep? Have I described you accurately? What about your struggles? How can I support you in your longarm journey? What are your favorite social media hangouts for quilting? The more info you can give me, the more I can help you. Please comment below and let’s start a dialog.

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