Challenge Day 2 – What is Your Business Vision?

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In yesterday’s post for the #CreativePassiontoProfit challenge I told how I got started crafting and how I turned that into a business. The Day 2 question is:

“What is the vision for your business? Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years? What is your dream and how will that affect your life?”

In the coming year, I will set up systems for creating, digitizing, organizing and promoting my longarm quilting designs. This includes regular blog posts, a reward program, and newsletters. After that, I can focus on the artistic side of creating more designs. I’m a firm believer that the quilting shouldn’t just be some random design, but should complement either the fabric in the top, or the person the quilt is being made for. Those are the types of designs I love to create, so my customers can find the perfect design for their quilts.

Star Swirl Pantograph Quilting Pattern by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting. Available on the DigiTech Patterns website.

‘Star Swirl’ Pantograph on a flag quilt is the perfect complement


Crown Royal Quilt with Crowning Glory Pantograph quilting designs by Andi Rudebusch

What else would look as good on a quilt made of Crown Royal bags but the “Crowning Glory” pantograph?

Longer Term Goals

I want to take my business totally digital/online in the next few years so I can have an income during retirement, even if we are traveling the country in an RV. I also enjoy helping newer longarm quilters with both the design/artistic part of the job (what to quilt, how to quilt it), and the business aspects (how to charge what they’re worth, how to handle clients). I’d like to write some articles or create videos to help them grow their skills and businesses. For instance, my article “Why Does My Longarm Quilter Charge So Much?” had over 29,000 views, and many commenters said it changed the way they thought about their pricing.

A Dream Job

A dream job I’ve had for several years is to be a technical editor for quilting books or magazines. I actually enjoy figuring out the math for patterns, and my eye for detail helps me spot errors and inconsistencies. Unfortunately, there are no publishers where I live, but perhaps this is something that can be done remotely? I believe I would excel at a position like this. Maybe there are pattern designers that need a virtual assistant who could help them in this way? This would be another way for me to combine my artistic skills with my love for using technology.

A sample of my “Twinkle” pattern instructions.

I have to thank Morna for creating this challenge. I usually don’t take time to sit down and REALLY think about these questions. Or if I do, I don’t fully flesh them out and write them down. Doing this is really helping clarify things for me, which is something every business owner should do from time to time. If you think this would be helpful for you, come join us on the #CreativePassiontoProfit Facebook page and participate in the challenge. Or you can visit Morna’s ICAP page for more info on how she can help you in your creative business.

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  1. I am so glad you are blogging about this experience. I LOVE the 2 questions so far… even if you aren’t in business, they could be clarifying for anyone looking for personal direction. I will be investigating further!!!

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