A Love/Hate Affair with Scallops

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So how’s that for a catchy title? I do love scallops – bay scallops or sea scallops, the kind you eat with melted butter and garlic and lemon wedges. I grew up on the east coast, just a few miles from the ocean, and the next town over from mine had waterfront docks where you could buy fish from the boats when they returned. Yummy fresh fish and seafood! READ MORE...

Parties and Contests

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Suzanne is having a party on her blog. Since there are already lots of sweets, I decided to bring my Fresh Cucumber Salsa and chips, and frozen margaritas. Hope they don’t melt by the time I get there. Congratulations, Suzanne!

Carla is having a contest. She does the most amazing things with yarn and fibers and beads and bling (well, and with quilting too!). You must check them out here READ MORE...

MORE fun with bleach (and bleach-like substances)

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Today was the day. Jeri and Kay were here for Art Quilt Group. (Maybe we should come up with a more creative name? After all, we’re trying to be creative.)

We started with discharge dying using discharge paste. We did that first because you’re supposed to wait until it dries, then cause the discharge to happen using steam (as in a steam iron). Did we wait for it to dry until after lunch, as was the plan????? Uh, NOOOO! We (I?) needed instant gratification, so I got a hair dryer and we blow-dried, then steamed. All before morning coffee break. (Okay, no one drank coffee, but we had chocolate chip crumb loaf for a snack – hey, we needed to keep our strength up!) READ MORE...

Fun with Bleach!

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My art quilting group is meeting at my home next Saturday. I’m supposed to be leading us in discharge dyeing. So I thought I should try some of it for the first time!

I bought 1/8 yard cuts of fabric to test and see which ones would give good results. Gathered my supplies yesterday:


To test the color removal of bleach, I’m using a Clorox bleach pen, and gel-type automatic dishwashing liquid. When we do the actual workday, I’ll also mix up a diluted liquid bleach solution. READ MORE...