A *REAL* Tuesday Tip

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I didn’t want you to feel cheated by the tip in my last post. ;-), so you get a second Tuesday Tip this week:

When using fusible web, often times some of the glue ends up on the soleplate of your iron. (Note to self – you really need to check which side of the fusible web is up before you smash the hot iron down on top of it – yuck!) READ MORE...

Tuesday Tip – Finding More Time to Quilt

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On the second Monday of the month we usually have a work night at my shop for Quilts of Valor, a program which gives quilts to wounded soldiers & veterans. Sometimes we stay later than other times, tonight we had a new sewist join us so we got quite a bit done and stayed longer than usual. (Don’t you love the word ‘sewist’? It looks so much nicer in print than ‘sewer’. Sewer doesn’t SOUND bad – “Sew-er” but when you type it it looks the same as the word pronounced “Soo-er”. So I prefer “Sewist” – but I digress……) READ MORE...

Tuesday Tip – Which is Which?

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I like to prewash my fabrics, both to pre-shrink them and to avoid any surprises from bleeding dyes. I knew there were several chemicals that could be used in the wash to prevent problems with dyes, but I could never remember which one to use when.

Synthrapol is a detergent that washes away loose dye particles. Hand-dyers will use it as a final wash to remove excess dye. This is the product to try if you have had one fabric bleed into another – often times it will remove the ‘bleed’. Also use it when washing something where you think a fabric may bleed into the others. Or use Shout Color Catchers – they are similar to fabric softener sheets, but go in the wash, and help to pick up stray dye. (An added bonus to using the Color Catchers – sometimes they turn out to be the prettiest colors, and can be used in art quilting or craft projects!) READ MORE...

Skinny fusible applique letters ready to be fused

Tuesday Tip – Working With Fusible Applique

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I was working on a fusible applique project today.

(If you’re new to fusible applique, here’s the short course on how it works – you trace the shape you want on the paper side, then iron that to the wrong side of your fabric. Cut the shape out along the drawn line, then remove the paper backing. Now the fusible glue is on the wrong side of your applique, and you can fuse it to a background fabric.) READ MORE...

Tuesday Tip – Taming the Stash

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During my Stashbusters Club last year, one of the things we learned was how to tame those leftover bits and pieces from quilting projects. In the past I when I had finished cutting out what I needed for a quilt, I threw the leftover strips and pieces in a basket, thinking I would use them in a future quilt. But you know what??? All they did was multiply in that basket and get all wrinkled and tangled. READ MORE...

Tuesday Tip

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I’m going to try and post a quilting tip for you each Tuesday. (Notice the operative word here is *TRY*…..I didn’t say promise, now did I? 😉 But we’ll see how it goes. )

Before cutting out all the pieces for a new pattern, it’s always a good idea to cut and sew one block to be sure the directions are correct and that your cutting and sewing will yield a block the proper size. It’s much easier to fix a problem with one block than an entire quilt. For instance, if the directions are correct but your block is coming out a bit small, you know you will need to use a slightly smaller seam allowance for future blocks. READ MORE...