Quilting Studio Tour

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If you couldn’t make it to my Quilt Market Review on Saturday, would you like to now join me on a photo tour of the Studio?

Here is the front entryway:

Don’t you love the hayfork? I found that in an antique store in Missouri a few years back:

This is the view that greets you as you come in the door to the Studio: READ MORE...

Studio Progress

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Remember what the studio looked like last time I showed it? I rearranged already 😉

Then did a little destruction at the old studio:











And added a few things to the new studio:

I’m even working on my second customer quilt on the new machine! Oh, and it’s now easier for people to find me: READ MORE...


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I was starting to stress over all the money it takes to set up a new studio. There are so many little things I need to buy that add up. I wanted to turn the back room into a work room where I could have Quilts of Valor work days, or maybe do a few group ‘sew-ins’. But I couldn’t justify spending a lot on cabinets and counters when those activities wouldn’t be bringing in any income. READ MORE...

Working on the new Studio

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It’s been a busy week. On Thursday DH’s Uncle Johnny came to help me paint the studio. We left the main room alone, it’s a warm beige in good condition, so that saved a lot of time. The back room, which will be my sewing room and break room and class area, had been a storeroom, so it needed help. DH and I pulled out old shelving and patched the walls earlier. I chose a lighter shade of the beige since there are no windows and not a lot of lights. It’s much brighter now. READ MORE...

Leaving the Dungeon

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I work in my basement. It’s a very nice basement. It has finished walls, and carpeting, lots of lighting, even a fireplace (which has only been used once since we’ve lived here). It’s definately not a dungeon. Not at all like Grandpa’s dungeon in the basement from the old ‘Munsters’ show (although it does have a few cobwebs. Well, maybe more than a few. Okay, lets be honest here – it’s a fly’s worst nightmare! Hey, they act as insulation!). READ MORE...