Tuesday Tip – Finding More Time to Quilt

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On the second Monday of the month we usually have a work night at my shop for Quilts of Valor, a program which gives quilts to wounded soldiers & veterans. Sometimes we stay later than other times, tonight we had a new sewist join us so we got quite a bit done and stayed longer than usual. (Don’t you love the word ‘sewist’? It looks so much nicer in print than ‘sewer’. Sewer doesn’t SOUND bad – “Sew-er” but when you type it it looks the same as the word pronounced “Soo-er”. So I prefer “Sewist” – but I digress……) READ MORE...

Sad Day

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It was a busy day at the shop – that was good.  It helped keep my mind off of what I had to do when I left work today. In this post I showed you a picture of Annie. Annie is our lab mix who came to live with us on our first anniversary (hence her name – short for Anniversary Dog) back in 1995, when she was just 8 weeks old. Which makes her 14 now. That’s about 98 in human years. She doesn’t hear so well, doesn’t see so well, and for the last year or two has had trouble with her back legs. She had trouble standing up, her back end would start sinking. And she couldn’t always make it outside to do what should be done outside. READ MORE...

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose!!!

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So about 10 minutes ago I’m still mourning the loss of iPhoto, as I try to modify some photos to post in my blog. I started thinking about how I was glad that when I upgraded my accounting package in May, I had them mail me disks instead of getting it as a download.

Then I started to wonder where those disks were??  So I rummaged around on a shelf, and I found them. And guess what was sitting on top of them? READ MORE...

My iPhoto is Gone :-(

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The hard drive on my MacBook crashed two weeks ago. I couldn’t get the computer to start no matter what I did. So I took it to the ‘clinic’. They had it for 10 days, during which I had to use DH’s Windows machine :-P. 

Good news, the hardware was still under warranty. So I got a new hard drive for just the cost of installing it and reinstalling the software. Bad news, 9 months of info is gone. My bad, I had never backed anything up. They told me I could try drive recovery, but it could take 3+ weeks, and cost up to $3000. And there were no guarantees on recovering anything. So I decided to cut my losses. But I almost felt like I was in mourning. All of my settings and preferences were gone. All of my bookmarks and email contacts. Photos of all the customer quilts I’ve done this year. The website I created for one of the guilds I belong to. Inspirational photos, recipes, and other things that cluttered up my desktop. Not to mention the financial data for my business. Fortunately I only lost about 3 months of that, most of which is on paper printouts that I can recreate. Which I need to do soon since my sales tax report is due by the end of the month. READ MORE...