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Challenge Day 4 – Connecting Strategy

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Once I know who my peeps are (see this post), I need to find a way of connecting with you. The Day 4 #CreativePassiontoProfit challenge question is:

What platforms do you use for connecting with your peeps? What strategy do you have in place?

Since most of my customers use the internet for networking, inspiration, tutorials, patterns, etc., I will focus on online platforms to interact with you. I believe most of you are on Facebook & Pinterest – but if there are other places you hang out, won’t you please let me know? If you have “Liked” my page on Facebook, are you SEEING my posts? Facebook has gotten weird about showing posts from business pages, so unless you interact with my page (comment, like, ask a question), you may not get my lastest posts in your news feed. READ MORE...

Are you my quilting peep?

Challenge Day 3 – Are You My Quilting Peep?

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I’ve been participating in the #CreativePassiontoProfit 5-day “Get Your Art Out There Challenge”. I’ve missed a few days due to things not working, and having to spend my time dealing with repair people. The internet was down (had to get a new wireless modem), the icemaker in the fridge quit working (they had to replace a part), and my back went out (wish I could get a new one of those, but so far it’s only been a couple trips to the chiropractor). If you missed my first two posts, you can find them here: READ MORE...

Challenge Day 2 – What is Your Business Vision?

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In yesterday’s post for the #CreativePassiontoProfit challenge I told how I got started crafting and how I turned that into a business. The Day 2 question is:

“What is the vision for your business? Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years? What is your dream and how will that affect your life?”

In the coming year, I will set up systems for creating, digitizing, organizing and promoting my longarm quilting designs. This includes regular blog posts, a reward program, and newsletters. After that, I can focus on the artistic side of creating more designs. I’m a firm believer that the quilting shouldn’t just be some random design, but should complement either the fabric in the top, or the person the quilt is being made for. Those are the types of designs I love to create, so my customers can find the perfect design for their quilts. READ MORE...

Cactus Garden panto quilting design by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts

Why Do You Create?

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I belong to a Facebook group called #CreativePassiontoProfit. This week our leader, Morna McEver, has challenged us to “Get Your Art Out There”. Each day she asks a question or two about why we create and our creative businesses. In addition to sharing it in the FB group, we also are asked to share it on our blog or other social media sites. READ MORE...

Fronds Pantograph Quilting Design by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting

Help Me Name that Pantograph Quilting Design

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I’ve been having so much fun lately designing new quilting designs! I love playing with different ideas and seeing what I can create. Usually I start by designing an overall or pantograph quilting design. (If you don’t know what that is, I talk about pantographs here.) Next I take one of the repeats and try and make a border with a corner, some blocks, frames and wreaths, and maybe a triangle. If you’ve missed some of my newer designs, you can view the design sheets for them below. (Click each image to open a larger version.) READ MORE...