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Did you guess that I wasn’t really going to applique the word “EEL” somewhere on my project? This is mostly finished, I need to add some quilting and some buttons that I haven’t received yet.

Isn’t it cute? It’s from Nancy Halvorsen’s “Garden Song” book. She always has such fun ideas, including tea towels that are decorated or made into aprons.

And since I like real flowers as well as the applique kind, I thought I’d show you what is blooming in the prairie garden right now:

These are shell-leaf penstemon. I was unfamiliar with this native prairie plant until we had a few blooming last year. This year those original plants seem to be gone, but now there are many of them in a newer part of the garden. We’ve slowly been turning part of our yard back to the native prairie plants that would have been here before the land was developed. Each year we tear up some of the lawn and replace it with native plants. The section we did last year was started mainly from seed – that’s where the penstemon are now. We’ve also purchased plants for some areas from a nursery called Morning Sky Greenery in Minnesota. We’re expecting a shipment of about 50 plants from them on Friday. It’s a good thing I have to work at the Studio on Saturday! LOL

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  1. I have a project that needs bias binding and I have never made it before. Do you have any tips on quick, easy methods to make it?

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