A *REAL* Tuesday Tip

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I didn’t want you to feel cheated by the tip in my last post. ;-), so you get a second Tuesday Tip this week:

When using fusible web, often times some of the glue ends up on the soleplate of your iron. (Note to self – you really need to check which side of the fusible web is up before you smash the hot iron down on top of it – yuck!)

There are products you can buy to remove the gunk, but try this first. Save your used fabric softener dryer sheets. Not the kind that are like foam rubber, but the kind that are more like an interfacing material (I use Snuggle). Wait until your iron is warm (not hot, you don’t want to burn your little fingers!), and rub the dryer sheet over the soleplate. I then like to finish up by rubbing with a paper towel. You might have to put a little elbow grease behind it, but it works pretty well for me. Let me know if you try it.

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  1. You visited my blog, so I thought I’d visit yours. Enjoyed reading what’s going on in your sewing world and seeing pics of your shop. I recognized the “Twirling Tulips” since that quilt is on my list of quilts to make. Thanks for the “Tuesday Tip.” I’ll try it.

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