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The Magic Needlers Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Festival was held Oct. 5 & 6. I was honored to be chosen as the Featured Quilter this year. Look at what I saw the day before the show opened on the big electronic billboard in our town!


Here are a few photos of my display. It’s kind of fun to see all of your work hanging at once.



One of the categories guild members could exhibit in was ‘Antique/Heirloom Quilts’. I like how they displayed these items on old wooden ironing boards:

There was a beautiful old Log Cabin quilt, as well as a pretty red & green basket quilt:

DSCN8130  DSCN8129

Our show is not judged, but we do invite the public to vote for their favorite quilt. This year’s Viewer’s Choice went to my customer Cindy’s beautiful Chinoiserie quilt. Congratulations, Cindy, and thanks for trusting me to quilt your special quilt!

Cindy wanted an overall design on her quilt, so we chose Elegant Swirls by Quilt Recipes since the pattern mimicked the design in some of her fabric. The ‘petals’ were to be appliqued onto the quilt top. She wisely left these off so I didn’t have to quilt around or over them, and once the overall design was complete I secured them down with one of the motifs I split out from the overall design.

DSCN8088  DSCN8090

I also presented a trunk show on Sunday. I thought it would be fun to see the same quilt pattern made up in different fabrics. We chose some quilts that were my original patterns or I had taught in some of my classes. Thanks to my wonderful customers and students for loaning me their quilts, we had a really nice variety to show off!

This was a Mystery Quilt the guild did a few years ago:


Here are some Day & Night quilts from the class I did using Eleanor Burn’s book, which you can find here: Day & Night Quilt (Quilt in a Day Series)


Twirling Tulips‘ is one of my original patterns. You can see several versions of it below. In addition to a printed pattern, I have now also released this as a downloadable PDF, so you can start sewing right away!


Annie’s Star‘ is another original pattern. Here are four customer/student’s quilts, plus my original:

Annie's Star Quilt designed by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting Studio. Shown in different colorways sewn by Andi's students

Annie's Star Quilt Pattern by Andi Rudebusch of AndiCrafts Quilting Studio

Look at how different these two ‘Twinkle‘ quilts are! Changing the fabric really can change the look of a pattern.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of our show. If you’d like to know more about AndiCrafts Quilting Studio’s original patterns, please visit my shop. And sign up for my newsletter below to find out when new patterns are released.

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  1. Thank you for bringing the show to your quilty friends – I’m so glad I’m on your list. Your quilting is beautiful as are your quilts. I like your patterns, too. Way to go!

    Andrea Macy

    X-Blocks Princess

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